AAA Vision Symposium: Thursday, September 18th, Sint-Katelijne-Waver

EAVISE organises AAA Vision, a symposium where academic and industrial vision partners meet. The goal of this symposium is to facilitate technology transfer of newly developed computer vision algorithms towards innovative industrial applications.

We focus in this edition on two state-of-the-art computer vision techniques that have a huge innovative potential and are mature enough to be adopted in industry: 3D photogrammetry and generic object detection. Each of these was the topic of a intensive research project EAVISE worked on during the last two years: 3D4SURE and TOBCAT. The results of both research projects will be presented at the symposium, as well as some success stories of the introduction of these state-of-the-art vision techniques into real industrial applications.

Also, a large collection of astounding vision demos will be set op at the AAA vision symposium, both from academic researchers and innovative companies. Each will show the potential of the newest developments in image processing technology for real-life industrial situations.

Target Audience

This symposium aims to bridge the void between vision experts in academia and industry. The target audience includes research groups from computer vision, image processing and related domains, as wel as industrial companies that use vision technology. Industrial areas include, but are not limited to:

For landsurveyors, this symposium is approved as an official 2 hour permanent education by the Federal Counsel of Landsurveyors-Experts. Participation certificates will be provided on request.


The official program of the AAA Vision Symposium:

12:30 Registration & coffee at the demo fair
13:00 Welcome and introduction (Toon Goedemé)
13:15 Results from the TOBCAT project (Steven Puttemans)
14:00 Practical applications that use computer vision algorithms and their internal workflow. (FLIR ITS)
14:15 First set of demo pitches
14:45 Break at the demo fair
15:30 Results from the 3D4SURE project (Bas Altena, Jasper Wisbecq)
16:15 Geo-Airflight, "Successes up till now" (GeoInfra)
16:30 Second set of demo pitches
17:00 Demo fair and refreshments

In the research project 3D4SURE (3D photogrammetry for SURveying Engineers) we investigated the technique of 3D photogrammetry in the context of land surveying applications. 3D photogrammetry, also called multi-view geometry, enables the automatic generation of 3D models out of an unordened collection of photos. For land surveying engineers, this opens up the fantastic possibility to measure a ground parcel or a building, only by taking a set of fotographs of it and let a computer process these. We evaluated existing 3D photogrammetry software packages and worked out best practice guides. We also evaluated the appealing method of acquiring fotogrammetry footage from UAVs.

The goal of the research project TOBCAT (industriële Toepassingen van Object CATegorization - Industrial applications of object categorization) was the application of novel generic object detection techniques for 2D images. Last years, a growing number of algorithms are proposed in the scientific literature that perform object detection by training a classifier on a large set of training images. These techniques are proven to perform well on objects such as pedestrians and faces, but in this project we explored the effectiveness of these techniques on more generic industrial objects, such as mites, orchids, elderly walking aids, strawberries, street markings etc.

Vision Demo Fair

The symposium will be an interactive hands-on experience. A large number of companies and research groups will prepare a vision demonstration and present it on our demo floor.

The following demos by participating companies have been confirmed:

The following demos by our own research group have been confirmed:

All demos will also be presented during a short pitch session. These 3-minute 3-slide presentations will also be included in the symposium handouts. The registrations for the demo fair are closed.


Registration fee is € 100 for professionals, € 50 for academic researchers, PhD students and regular students and free for institutions and companies from the users commissions of 3D4SURE, TOBCAT and RaPiDo.

Registration deadline has expired. You can now only attend the AAA Vision Symposium by registration at the symposium welcome desk with cash payment on the day itself.


The AAA Vision Symposium will take place at:
Auditoriumgebouw - blok K
KU Leuven - Campus De Nayer
Jan Pieter De Nayerlaan 5
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver

on Thursday, September 18th, 2014.

A visual navigation aid to find the right building at our campus and to have a look at the demo room can be found here.


You can download the flyer of our symposium here. Feel free to distribute it!


We thank IWT ,Thomas More Mechelen and all partners beneath for the financial and logistical support for this symposium.